The random things I warned you about

This is one of those random posts that I warned you about right at the start. Right now I just geel like sharing what I feel.

(Image Credit: Nirvana)

There are so many things that I have in my mind right now. All the things are happening at the same time, good and bad. But the bad things are making me worry about the good things as well. If they are really true and if they are then how long will it be?
You see, that the problem amongst most of us is, we know we are supposed to live the present, forget about the past, not worry much about the future and yada yada yada. But it’s hard to follow that path; the same path that we frequently suggest other’s to travel. We humans are quite complicated creatures. Well, I can not be that sure about others but I definitely am. When something bad happens to me I am cursing my fate on why it is always me and why do not I ever get good things (drama queen? I know). When something good happens I am too busy worrying about loosing it rather than living the moment. I know exactly what to do, I just do not know how.

Right now, I am more than happy. I am well, somewhat 95% satisfied with my life at the moment. I know that’s almost next to impossible but I am. However, every time I try to enjoy the moment it suddenly comes to mind that it’s too good to be true. Someone taught me how to live and let live.

I found this in my old folders. Cheer up! Live and et live.

PS: I used to do something, somewhat I thought was a poetry.

Now I know what life is

Not only pain and miseries

But also happiness and laughter

With night and day following after

Sometimes thunder strikes us with pain

And the storm leaves tears and bloodstains

But this is just the dark side

After this there is a brighter light

Everything seems so nice

To us the whole world feels fine

We realize that we just have one life

In which we could shine bright

Do not think it is the end when a caterpillar dies

It dies to give out a new butterfly

(Image Credit: Paras Rai)

(Image Credit: Paras Rai)

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I need a car

Okay, either I need a car or Dublin needs a night bus.

Recently, one of my teacher emailed me about this 5-day multimedia project paid work experience by Ouala Productions. It not only sounds interesting but it is as well. I would love to go there. I know, the first month that I came here I said I’d be adventurous and go on travelling without a map and all of that. But hey, there was nothing mentioned about puting you life at risk and not acting sensibly. There are a number of things that is stopping me from doing this.

a. It clashes with my assignment due dates. (damn you assignments!)

b. Christmas is right around the corner. Hence, work is going to be super busy.

c. This is happening Meath, the countryside.

d. The program is from 5pm to 10pm. (the biggest of all)

It’s times like this that I miss home a lot. Back home, it was not such a grave danger travelling late night. Plus I knew my way out and all the safe streets. Also, there would always be people ready to help give you a lift.

I tried to look for buses that go there. Buses and luas do go there. It would take me 3 hours though. I emailed the organisers asking them about other alternatives, but even they said it woud be much better if I had my own means of transportation. I feel disappointed to let go off of such a good learning experience. Things like this put me question, if I really have what it takes to be a travel journalist.

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On a serious note

Hey yeah!

Today I would like to talk about a charity show that happened last weekend. The Nepalese community here gathered and contributed money to be donated to an organisation back home in Nepal, called The Umbrella Foundation. This organisation looks after homeless children and their betterment.

Viva Bell, Harry Coogan and Dave Cutler co-founded this organisation. Viva Bell was born in Northern-Ireland and has been living in Nepal for quite a while. After the insurgence in Nepal the people who were victimised the most were the children. Thousands of children without a family, living on streets with nothing to eat and no place to go. Viva was seeing all of this helpless situations surrounding her and she could not turn her back. She started this organisation in 2005 along with her two other friends.

The Nepalese community here tries to help our country as much as they can time and again. It may not not be a huge contribution but I think it is the thought that counts. For this time they raised money to sponsor 3 children in Nepal for their education. I think they deserve a pat on their back for what they are doing.

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Getting it done professionally

In my last post I mentioned about thepaperstory. Well guess what? I got the pictures professionally done, in a proper studio, with a proper camera and a proper photographer, or so I would like to assume. Yeah! You guessed it right. I was the photographer. Nonetheless, the pictures did not turn out that bad.

Since I am a Journalism student and photography is one of my modules, I get to use all the course benefits. However, it was not only for my personal use, it was a good practice exercise for me academically as well.

Two of my friends helped me out. At first it was all gibberish to me,; not getting the focus right, or the lightings right.  There was a point when I felt like throwing the camera against the wall but then, I remembered about the compensation I would have to pay. Also, I like the photo technician in our college. So, I did not want to disappoint her. Later on after playing around and starting to understand al little bit, it started to get fun.

(Image Credit: Nirvana)

(Image Credit: Nirvana)

(Image Credit: Nirvana)

(Image Credit: Nirvana)

(Image Credit: Nirvana)(Image Credit: Nirvana)

(Video Credit: Nirvana)

Those are my friends trying to help me but all of us ending up goofing around.

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Starting off for life

Hello people I have some exciting news today!

I am planning to open my very own shop. I have quite a collection of these hand made paper dairies. Ever since I’ve come in to my senses and started thinking about my responsibilities, I had always wanted to be independent; independent by real means. Just because you stay way from home, alone does not mean you are being independent. You have to stop leeching off of your parent’s money as well. I’m not saying that it is a bad thing, but it’s just me. I want that and as soon as possible. I want to fulfill my own needs. It’s okay to get occasional gifts here and there. In fact my dad does that to me sometimes. He knows I will not be taking any help from him directly so he tries to sneak his help. For instance, this dairy I’m talking about, he is the one who is helping me with half of the things. I am working on my web shop right now and am also talking to few possible clients (I love to use that word).

I am happy that I am working my way through and I will not have to depend on anyone. There are obstacles but I am taking it as a sweet misery.

PS: Keep an eye out for thepaperstory. (That’s the name).

sample 1 (Image Credit: Nirvana)

sample 1 (Image Credit: Nirvana)

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Christmas fever

Have you been around the town lately? It’s Christmas fever everywhere. I work near Grafton Street, which is one of the hubs of Dublin. They had their lights up by early November. Isn’t that a bit too early? By all means, I love the Christmas vibe here and I am pretty excited about my first Christmas in Ireland. This actually would be my first real Christmas experience, as Christmas back home is not that big. In the name of celebrating this festival, the most I have done is been to a Christmas dinner when one of my best friends invited me to her place. But boy, that was one big-fat dinner. You see how I always get distracted when food comes in my mind. You must think I eat a lot, I do. I eat a lot variety wise, not amount wise though.

Anyways, from what I’ve seen Christmas has been starting earlier and earlier every passing year. I do not know if people are starting to get more excited to get an excuse to get away from their daily hectic lives or it is just getting commercialized. That is up to you to decide. For me I am just enjoying my first Christmas.

Here are some pictures when I went out around the city to be amused by the lights, Christmas decorations and not to forget Christmas shopping. <grin>

Lights at Grafton Street

Lights at Grafton Street (Image Credit: Nirvana)

Jervis Shopping Centre

Jervis Shopping Centre (Image Credit: Nirvana)

the decorations

the decorations (Image Credit: Nirvana)

If you know what I mean?! (Image Credit: Nirvana)

It's not what it looks like! (Image Credit: Nirvana)

It’s not what it looks like! (Image Credit: Nirvana)

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game time

The game becomes interesting every time when two of the best teams are on the field. Similarly, today the two best teams Manchester United and Manchester City were on the field fighting to reach to the top of the Premiership title. I was very excited about the game. As expected, the match took off quite aggressively and in an interesting way. Both the teams were active and the movement of the ball was fast from one team to the other. And the final score was unpredictable. Even though I was not strongly supporting either of the teams to win the gam, the passes and goals did make me jump. United were 2 goals ahead; both goals scored by Rooney until the half time in the 16th and 29th minute. Half of the match was still left and I knew that they would come back to the game. However, I was somewhat disappointed seeing the first half getting restless and losing hope against the best player of the team, Aguero and Balotelli.

After 15 minutes of break, the match kicked off. I was desperately waiting to see a goal from Balotelli but he was unsuccessful, although he was trying his best. After playing few minutes, Tevez was brought into the game instead of Balotelli and I think it was good decision taken by Mancini, manager of Manchester City. With that change, I was hoping to see some goals in the match. Nevertheless, a goal from Toure in 60th minute gave me some excitement towards the game. City started dominating the game and they had full ball possession. Despite good defense from United, City got a lucky goal shot by Zabaleta in the 86th minute. The game was back to normal with equal score. City had full power and determination after equalising. Because of their willpower and game play, I was confident that City would win the match but a foul in the last minute turned the tables. The free kick by Robin Van Persie was absolutely incredible and got into the goal post after deflection. That was the winning goal and the final score remained 2:3 for Manchester United.

Being rival teams, the game was full of energy, aggression, and many fouls. At the end of the game, Rio Ferdinand had small injury above his eye from the coin thrown against his celebration. All in all, it was fascinating game to watch.

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I want to Jump!

This post is dedicated in the loving memory of my past adventurous life. I was going through my hard disc today, sorting out my old files when I came across my old bungee-jump video.

The Last Resort in Nepal has one of the longest free-falls in the world at 160m heights. I remember I had wanted to go for the jump since ages before I actually went for one. But right when I was at the ramp with holding only the instructor’s hand, I realized what it was really about. It’s only that few seconds before the jump though, that you regret your decision of walking down that bridge. But the free falling moment after that makes everything just worth it.

PS: There is a free 30minutes uphill hike along with bungee or swing that no one tells you about. So have a heavy breakfast before your drive.

Jump (Image Credit)

Jump (Image Credit: Nirvana)

(Video Credit: Nirvana)

walk like a penguin, fly like an eagle!

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Korean Birthday Cake

This is a late post about me finally getting to satisfy my cravings for Korean cuisine.  No I was not too busy being constipated to update about it on time but yeah things just turned out this way. <Wink>

Back home I used to eat Korean food not less than once a week. But, after getting here it had been quite a while that I had not eaten here. So finally earlier this week, after a long fought debate, my friend rooting for Thai and me wrestling for Korean, I won (using my secret weapon, my birthday). I looked up on Google for places and short-listed few of them. There were a bunch of them in Parnell Street. It was like a mini China town. (My Asian friends please don’t get offended. I do know the difference between Korean, Chinese and Japanese.)

Anyways, there were three places that I wanted to go on the same lane. We went to the first one but their karaoke room was booked and one of the main things I wanted was Karaoke.  The next place we went also had their karaoke room booked but I was wearing heels and so were many of my friends. So we decided to just forget about karaoke.

Half of my friends were not that familiar with the cuisine. So I was their hero that night for their rescue. After ordering a variety of selections, we could not wait for the food. Our side dishes were there faster than our man. By the time the meat arrived to be barbecued (yes, we cooked out own meat), we had finished half of the side dishes. When the (raw) meat arrived, some of my friends were too skeptical and turned all vegetarians on me. C’mon! If you don’t have problem in eating cooked meat, what’s the problem in raw ones. After shoving the food in their mouth and mine as well I waited to burst out. Trust me, Korean cuisine is a lot to eat, and especially for a person like me that has an appetite of a fish.

Tip for today: Don’t take your vegetarian friends with you for Korean cuisine.  They will make you hate yourself, for they will either throw up or keep nagging about how much they hate it there for the entire time.

yumm! :d (Image Credit: Nirvana)

yumm! :d (Image Credit: Nirvana)

people who need to thanks me for introducing them with such good food!  (Image Credit: Nirvana)

people who need to thanks me for introducing them with such good food! (Image Credit: Nirvana)

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Europe’s Biggest Park

Last week, a friend of mine invited me to Phoenix Park where he and his friends were to play a game of football. We left a bit earlier than noon. On my way to the park, I was trying to do a bit of research of the place by asking the people around me about it. Turns out, Phoenix Park is the biggest Park in Europe. Even I found that out I was thinking how big could it be. It’s only a park. But, to my utter surprise, when they say ‘biggest in Europe’ they really mean big. The park covers 1752 acres of land. And there are houses inside the park. Well, not houses, but the residence of the President of Ireland and the American Ambassador’s residence is situated in side the park. Isn’t that much bigger than ‘houses’?

Just when I was marvelling at the beauty of this place (and oh! Greenery, so much of it), I realized that I was there for the game. We had brought barbecue grill as well. While all the lads were playing, we started setting up the grill and preparing some food. The match was an interesting one. My friends won 2:0. It wasn’t much about winning though. It was about having fun and living life and not to forget eating lip-smacking chicken wings.

I heard that there was a zoo as well in the park. However, I did not get to go but I will surely return back for some me-time here. Until then here are some pictures for you of Dublin Zoo and the park.

Wellington Monument

Wellington Monument (Image Credit)

Dublin Zoo (Image Credit)

Dublin Zoo (Image Credit)

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